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Safiya’s House of Kreation

Welcome to Safiya’s House of Kreation (SHK). Opening its doors May 2011 we are happy to serve you now as a full service one stop salon and wellness experience, where we are passionate about our customers enjoyment.

SKH strives to exceed customer expectations by maintaining the highest possible standards of customer care and by educating our clients on the latest trends, techniques and products. Originally known as Kinky Kreations™, SHK is the umbrella that caters to all aspects of your being: Mind, Body, Spirit. Our numerous years of dedication, education and hard work have allowed us to hone technically skills providing a first class experience.

So come on in and enjoy the Kreation!

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Relax. Relate. Rejuvinate.

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Kinky Kreations definition
ki[ng]-kE krE-A-shuns — relating to, having or appealing to unconventional tastes… in hair.

What’s it all about? It began with a divine plan, distorted and then lost over time, only to be rediscovered by its heirs centuries later in countries as diverse as the hairs on their heads. Kinks, once cherished, were maligned, burned, stripped and forbidden from “polite” society. Wearers of the kink fell out of favour. Losing their regal position, wearers of the kink were made to feel shame for their crowning glory, until one bright day they awakened from their slumber, shook their locks and regained their rightful place.

Lustrous hair in a rainbow of shades, worn short, long and in-between. Suddenly the kinks were everywhere. Some chose to wear them straight, others curly; but all recognized the importance of the choice to love their hair: kinky or not.

Kinky Kreations continues the divine hairstory, linking the present with a rich past and a future brimming with possibility — and great hair!



Reflect. Reconnect. Reunite.

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Hair What They Say


Each wig Safiya made really transformed me. I didn’t recognize myself.


You really take care of my hair. Some people ask me how my hair got to be so long in a short time and I tell them “It’s you!”


After caring for my own hair for 4 years in its natural state it was not an easy process to trust someone else with it.

 Real natural hair care was genuinely hard to come by in my opinion at the time. There is nothing like finding someone who not only does hair but is also familiar with “your type of hair and the care it needs”. This was how my hair care relationship started with Safiyah. Having seen her previous work I was referred with all assurance that she was not only knowledgeable but capable.

It has been a journey over the past two years going on three.  Safiyah on consultation during my first visit examined my hair and provided valuable feedback on continued care and maintenance. The very first washing experience was amazing enough for me to continue over the past years. The care she took in handling my hair was never experienced outside of self care and encouraged me to trust her further.

 Safiyah’s knowledge on natural hair care complimented my experience in her Salon. She provides sound hair advice and consultations as well as her techniques on how she washes and treats the hair is priceless and just what I need at the end of a long day of work. A very welcoming environment with many fruitful discussions on life and wellness. While hair care, rejuvenating washes, modern styles, intellectual conversations, movie and sitcom discussions, health and wellness and the likes are not the only thing you experience in her salon, her creative and bubbly spirit will always leave you feeling relaxed if stressed and empowered when discouraged.

 It’s not your average salon

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